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Direct Mail Services / Australia Post Lodgments

Consolidated Pack and Post is a leader in providing Direct Mail Services within market. We distribute mail all over Australia and deal with large leading brands as well as small and midmarket businesses. With our mail house service, the bulk of addressed mail leaving our warehouse is lodged with Australia Post. Consolidated Pack and Post will always ensure that your mail piece complies with Australia Post requirements. The reward for this is discounted postage costs for your campaign. The distribution cost is a significant expense and we will always ensure we offer our customer the most cost effective solution at all times. This is where our experience is demonstrated and sets us apart from our competition.

Mail Distribution

Packing materials and processes have become as important as the product itself. We offer outstanding packing solutions, which are ideal for promotion and transporting and at the same time protecting the goods from damage. We make sure your job is prepared properly for lodgment.

Australia Post offers a variety of services for customers sending larger volumes of mail:

  • Print Post Regular or Priority service – approved regular publications, such as magazines or newsletters
  • Pre-Sort Letters Regular or Priority service – addressed articles which are barcoded and sorted
  • Charity Mail – Pre-Sort letters, articles at lower prices for approved charitable organisations
  • Clean Mail – addressed smaller articles, without the need to barcode or sort them
  • Acquisition Mail – addressed (non-personalised) articles to reach prospects and acquire new customers
  • Reply Paid – make it easy for your customer to respond
  • Impact Mail – creatively shaped articles – great for direct mail campaigns
  • Unaddressed Mail – unaddressed leaflets, catalogues etc to all letterboxes in an area, at very low cost