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Data management

The success of any mailing campaign completely depends on the quality of the database or mailing list. You can have the most perfect product or service, but if you don’t get it in front of the right people, your direct mail campaign could result in an unsatisfactory outcome. An accurate mailing list will contain the most important information on who you want to target. We are here to ensure your addressing complies with Australia Post standards to maximise value for money and offer our customers discounted postage.
We offer:

  • Data formatting/programming
  • Allocate DPID barcode
  • Data De-Duplication
  • Data Washing and Cleansing
  • Data Entry and Reports
  • Bulk Mail Sorting (Barcode pre-sort mail/Print Post mail)

Duplications of letters and emails can drastically increase the costs of a marketing campaign and can also irritate your customers who are receiving the same mail more than once. Consolidated Pack and Post provides data de-duplication and clean-out services at an affordable price, preventing these issues. We sort your mailing list and then produce your final list in the correct order, saving you time and money. Customer database management is one of the most important resources you have.
Consolidated Pack and Post enjoys huge success in organizing marketing campaigns by targeting the right audience efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated, experienced staff will develop a solution to meet your specific requirements. We will update your database and reduce your delivery costs.