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Direct Mail Marketing vs Other marketing Forms


Direct marketing involves direct contact with your clients. There is no other method that will endorse your business and your products to a select group of people in their homes, so immediate response is guaranteed. The main purpose of our business is to offer a cost effective and well targeted campaign that can carry only positive results to your company’s appearance. Only the best service providers are capable of assuring success for their clients. What matters most to accomplish these aims is to provide accurate data for mailing, addresses and managing all the elements of a mail campaign like design, printing, warehousing, folding and shrink wrapping all in one single location.

Direct mail marketing can be the a most successful form of advertising for both large and small companies. It is effective because the ads are delivered directly to the customers in long-lasting form.

Many companies offer other forms of advertising to improve efficiency and to add value to your business:

Email marketing selects a group of people online and sends emails with repeated intervals of time. The main problem here is that the emails will probably end up in the recipient’s trash or as spam. The targeted effectiveness of this form of marketing is at a very low level and cannot be predicted.

With telemarketing, calls are made to the potential customers where the product/ service is presented by explaining the benefits to the clients. This form of marketing has lost its popularity nowadays and very often customers refuse the uninvited calls.

TV marketing is popular as a way to get in touch with your customers. TV commercials are very expensive, untargeted and do not promote effective response, as people often fast-forward or zone-out during the ad break.

Fax as a medium is no longer in use in most businesses; and no longer a viable form of marketing today.

There is a definite, accountable power in direct mail marketing. Before choosing the right mailing house you must compare different service providers to be selective according to the standards they are offering. Professional mailing companies should present the benefits and a full detailed list of costs and risks together with previous testimonials and references. You need to receive all the mentioned benefits and ensure you are receiving only positive results as soon as possible.

A direct mail campaign is a very demanding project in which marketers gather information, statistics and analysis for the current market situation so that every key decision can be made objectively. The purpose of collecting effective data is increases the effectiveness of the entire campaign. Moreover, great database management can evaluate the strategy, and direct when and where your representative materials will be delivered to gain positive results and return of the investment.

Our services are designed to support our customer’s needs and to provide a complete service, as required. We are here to improve efficiency and reduce the costs by providing the best solution as a single source provider for services related to the preparation and delivery of your packages and goods.

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